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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Last Christmas Frenzy

In the cookie category my Double Chocolate Crinkle is my #2 favorite, they are soft, powdery and sweet on the outside and as you bite into it they are chocolaty on the inside. Compared to other drop cookies that I've made they are more tedious to do but i think the outcome is all worth it and the smell of chocolate permeates throughout the house, it smells sooo good! And I wonder why I get fat, I guess that answers my question all these Christmas baking is not helping with too! oooh temptation! I got a whole BOWL of crinkle batter in the ref and can't wait to get started on them.
Tempting as they seem I gave them all away this time to our neighbors, dad is being so neighborly giving baked goodies for Christmas.
I've been baking for 6 hours straight the previous night so today still a work day, I couldn't make myself to wake up and go to work. Nothing! as in absolutely nothing could make me get up gotta catch more zzzz.....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Baking Frenzy Part 2

True to Filipino tradition, we tend to give giveaways, gifts for Christmas be a business strategy or just plain sharing the Christmas joy. When my mom heard that my cousin C is buying batches of christmas goodies from me, she asked me to make a few batches for her too to give to her tenants (my mom is a landlady in some condo in Manila). So I made them extra special by drizzling of chocolates on top. Hmm...gotta control myself...cookie demons get away from me!!! I trying outdistributing my cookies as a gift free of charge so hopefully next Christmas when I'm more prepared I could get paid in baking them. I'm trying out Just desserts as my name so people would be familiar with it in the future. Got to frank here I hate doing costing its giving me a headache! So next year I'll start organazing my costing in June of July!
Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Baking Frenzy Part 1

I love Christmas! All that gift giving and receiving, all the parties to attend to, reunions with High School buddies, college friends, having a budget to buy that awesome techie gadget you've been eyeing for months now, but most of all I love to bake holiday goodies to give to people.
My christmas baking craze started when my cousin C asked me to make batches of Food for the Gods for her officemates and batch of Giant Chocolate Chip (this is one of my signature cookie) for her sisters.
I like making Food for the Gods for the smell factor and Giant Chocolate Chip for the taste factor. I can resist tasting batch after batch of Food for the Gods but with the Giant Chocolate Chip? no can do my selfcontrol crumbles just gotta have a taste of it. I'm a chocolate chip kinda gal!
I've been up to my elbows making batch after batch of batters. My feet hurts from stading up for sooo long. But the house sure smells soooo good! The house smell like Christmas! Gotta catch some zzzzz....
Friday, December 1, 2006

Chocolatier Wanna be

After watching the movie Chocolat, staring Juliette Binoche, & Johnny Depp, few years back I have this dream of being a chocolatier with my own chocolatie. I remember watching the movie and looking at those glossy, yummy looking chocolates that Juliette Binoche's character makes, and of course I was staring at Johnny Depp too!

I have no idea what prompted me in making these White Chocolate Candies with Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache inside. So I took out my few collection of chocolate molds, my favorite are the one's that I bought from Cooks Exchange (their branch in SM Mega), few years back. I believe they were for gelatin but I've always used them for chocolates. I know that Chocolate Lovers, its literally a castle located in QC, they have tons of chocolate molds however I found them too shallow and small. This one sits nicely in my palm. Anyway, I use to be a fan of that store used to buy all my chocolates there but one time I bought a kilo of walnuts from them and didn't realized that they are already rancid until I was about to use it for my Lemon Torte, I was so piss off that I only buy non perishable items there like cake boxes and stuff.

Back to my chocolates,
step 1: I roughly chopped white chocolates and zapped it in the microwave stirring ever 10 secs until silky and smooth.
step 2: I let it cool for a few minutes and coat my chocolate molds with it, I fill them up to the rim and let it stand for 10 minutes.
step 3: After 10 minutes have passed I flip the whole thing and put it on top of a wire rack and wait for another 10 minutes.
step 4: I use my offset spatula to clean off the excess chocolates from the rim of the mold to make it neat then I wait for the chocolate to harden.
step 5: while waiting for the chocolate, I made my ganache. I chopped bittersweet chocolates and let it steep in a warm heavy cream and gently stir it till smooth and silking, out it aside till room temp.
step 6: I gently spoon the ganache over the pre-made chocolate shells and wait for the ganache to set before selling it with white chocolate and witing for it to set once more.
step 7: Eat it! Share it! Enjoy it!
Chocolate making is really messy especially the first time I tried it, after few dozen tries, its getting easier but still messy to do. I guess the saying "Practice Makes Perfect" really applies to this.