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Thursday, January 3, 2008

A wee bit late.....non the less still Daring

This yuletide season (December 2007) was one of my busiest season ever. My sister and I decided to sell baked goods for the season, all I can say that it's A LOT of hard work! I'll blog about this experience in my future blogs.

I know my posting is a weee bit late, however I still want to share my experience in the December 2007 Daring Baker Challenge, The Buche de Noel, hosted by the founders of the group.

The first time I found out that we'll be doing a Buche de Noel, I'm both thrilled and scared! Thrilled because I've been meaning to try it years before, now I have the chance to. Scared because I have never in my entire life made a rolled cake before, never made mushroom meringues before too! I felt like I'm way in over my head. But the Daring Bakers lay down the rules and dutiful member that I am, I suck it up and "carpe diem" (seize the day)!

Early December 24, I started following the instructions of the recipe. And I'm a bit surprise to say, it was quite easy. I was just impatient in making the meringue mushrooms and there where too much of them! Up till today I still have few mushrooms laying around! and the recipe for buttercream included was a bit too much I have tons of left overs. Any suggestions as to what to do with them? I'm also wondering how come my buttercrean didn't turn darker? I looks a bit pale for my taste.


  1. It's so funny to hear that a lot of people (including me) had been meaning to try this but never got around to, yay DB!
    I like the light color, it's very elegant but i can see you might have wanted it darker. I used melted chocolate in addition to the espresso and that helped. Well done!

  2. thanks for the tip Baking soda!

  3. I think your log is very elegant! You got gorgeous bark lines too.
    I'm so glad I got into this group, of all the challenges, I don't think there's one I'd haven taken up on my own.
    Well, done!

  4. Great job, even if it's a bit late. On the off chance you still have some butter cream left, it is lovely on dark chocolate cupcakes.

    Happy New Year!