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Saturday, May 31, 2008

100 th post!

I'm on my 100th post! Can you believe that! I can't! It seems like only yesterday that I started this blog. To celebrate this said event, I made Cathedral Windows. Its a gelatin based dessert, hmmm...come to think of it its basically Jello with lots and lots of colors.

When I was *ahem* a lot younger, I love eating this, however as time passes by bakeries don't sell this anymore, I think it's because it takes a long time to set the different colored jellos. Nowadays only Goldilocks sells this. Goldilocks is one of the popular commercial bakeries here in the Philippines, especially for the masses. Me, I only like few of their stuff like I love their Pulvoron, Choco Slice and Cathedral Windows. The other baked goods they sell taste too commercial for me.
Anyway, back to the cathedral windows, its such a fun project that I'm sure little children would love to be part off. For such an old fashioned dessert, I went in search for my old fashioned gelatin molds, I haven't used them in ages! First I made 3 different flavored Jellos: Strawberry, Grape and Pandan, any combination will be fine. Following the instructions written in the box, let it set overnight. The next day, gingerly cut the jiggly Jellos in cubes any size you want. Mix all the different colors together and set aside. Making the white base is such an easy task, first combine a can of condense milk and cream in 1:2 ratio add clear unflavored gelatin heat until gelatin powder is all melted. Set aside until cool but not set, then slowly mix it among the cut up Jellos and pour everything in a mold. Set aside to set in the refrigerator. The next day get a spoon and Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Daring Bakers takes on the O

May is such a busy month for me that I almost forgot about Daring Bakers(DB).  When I visited the DB site, I just found out that they've moved to a forum based website which is totally better than the blogger site.  I became a bit frantic when I could find this month's challenge.  I quickly emailed Lis & Ivonne (Daring Bakers co-founders), I even posted on the forum asking about it.  After waiting for what seems like ages, I finally got an email saying that they've fix my account so I can access the DB challenge, I was ecstatic! I couldn't wait to find out what's in store for me this month...

This month's DB is hosted by Lis of La Mia Cucina & Ivonne of Cream Puff in Venice with the help of new DB members Fran of Apples Peaches & Pumpkin Pie & Shea of Whiskful.  We dedicate this even to Barbara of who is the force behind the event A Taste of Yellow which supports Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong.  Stay strong Barbara! Here at the Daring Bakers, we're all routing for you!

Hmmmmm.......OPERA CAKE is this sure OMG we have to make an OPERA CAKE!!! My mind is in overdrive, its panicking!!!! OMG!!!! can I do this?!? OMG!!!

Few hours later, my mind has finally stop panicking, it started strategizing.  Have to get myself almond flour.  Sad to say I walked 6, count that SIX blocks to find an almond four in our local health food store and they don't have it!!! Oh Crap...backed to ZERO.  I searched on the net what could be substituted with almond flour/almond meal, found out I could make my own just use blanched almonds and grind it, how bad could it be right?  I went in search for my bag of almonds and did the blanching and peeling myself of such hard work! I kept thinking this cake better be worth it man oh man my back and fingers hurts from all that peeling.  

Peeled and pretty, I went in search for my blender to grind them up, its no where to be found! NOOOOO this is not happening to me... My dad borrowed the blender and bought it to his office and haven't returned it yet.  And lucky me got to grind her almonds the old-fashioned way, I used my mortar & pestle!!! my arms hurt from all that pounding.

Finally I get to start making my cake, I sould have listened to my gut when I read in the instruction that beat the egg whites until stiff peaks and set aside and make the egg batter. What do you know after my base is all fluffy and done my egg white turned spongy and watery.  Minus the water I gently folded it  in looks okay to me so I went ahead and bake it.

The cake turn out sticky! Have no idea if its suppose to be like that.  I incorporate a tablespoon or so of green tea powder in the batter but the cake doesn't look or taste like green tea.  I flavored the buttercream with green tea too however it still taste like butter to me.  The only thing that tasted like green tea is the the soaking syrup that gets to be brushed on the cake.

I got so excited in assembling the Opera cake that, for the first layer of cake I totally forgot to brush it with the syrup (what a dummy!).  What's happening to me?!? I even almost burned myself with the baking pan! I'm a walking kitchen disaster?!?

The assembly is finished and ready for the glaze.  The cake turned out short.  Are opera cakes supposed to look like that? I don't know this is my first time making it and its turning into a big disaster.  The glaze doesn't seem like a glaze at all because the recipe called for cream and chocolate instead of butter and chocolate which would make it more pourable.

My mom loves the cake, which I think she's a bias because she loves anything with nuts on them :)

Conclusion: This is indeed a HUGE challenge for me.  Whew! its finally over.  

I'll try to make this again soon I hope. I'm asking for a food processor for my coming birthday from my siblings.  I can't hardly wait.
Sunday, May 18, 2008


Just last month, my Sinful Chocolate Chip recipe was featured in YUMMY MAGAZINE APRIL 2008. When I grabbed the MAY issue, I was quite surprised when my letter to them was chosen in the Dear Yummy column where all the readers letters are there.  The first thing I saw was a screenshot of a blog that looked like mine :)  Funny thing is didn't think that it was mine until I read the accompanying letter :D

I haven't got the chance to get my prized because YUMMY Magazine's publisher SUMMIT MEDIA is currently moving to a new office so the prizes are stashed away in boxes.  Hopefully I'll get it next week.

I'm in YUMMY!

I'm so back-logged in my blogging ever since my camera got busted.  After almost a month of being camera-less. I'm BACK!!! 

I'm happy to share to you my fellow bloggers that my recipe was featured in YUMMY MAGAZINE APRIL 2008.  This recipe was inspired by Jacques Torres, my favourite pastry chef! This version of chocolate chip cookies is brimming full of chocolate! Hmmmmmm.......yummy!

Sunday, May 11, 2008
After such a busy work week, I was finally able to do some light baking. I used my favorite Martha book the Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook.
In my house a busy week usually means an empty ref and pantry in this case, we had a semi-empty ref. Didn’t have any butter, though we have tons of eggs, after much deliberation I finally decided to make a Chocolate Mousse Roll. It’s basic a chocolate chiffon cake recipe baked in a sheet pan. It seems like such a simple recipe that I give it a go.

Weeeeeellllllllll..... I spoke too soon.

In most recipes of mousse that I have seen and tested before, it usually calls mixing the melted chocolate with the whipping cream and its done. This was the first time that I made mousse with eggs in them. It started out innocently easy until I got to the part where I made the hot sugar and syrup mixture that use to ‘cook’ the beaten eggs. Didn’t have any clue what happen, I know that its suppose to stay transparent, silky, and more importantly pourable, mine didn’t! It came out amber in color and very thick not pourable at all! So when I mix it with the beaten egg yolks, the sugar mixture quickly clump up and stuck to my Kitchenaid’s beater! I kept thinking Oh Gosh! How am I gonna remove that later??? How??? But then this being a Martha Stewart recipe I persevered! I made do by straining out the huge lumps of sugars that has formed from the mixture and gently folded it into the whipped cream mixture, or so I thought. I didn’t realise it that I was over folding it until in was too late, so as you can see in the picture, the mousse is slightly over folded. Gee whizz, it’s chocolate, my family wouldn’t notice anything wrong with it unless of course that I’d tell them hehehehe....

I made the mouse quite ahead of time three days in advance to be exact, I was pressed for time so I stored the ready mouse in the fridge. I was planning to serve the mousse as is, however, when I tasted the mousse itself, I found it too sweet for my taste. So I went ahead with the previous plan and make a chocolate chiffon cake for it.

When I finally got time to get started on making the chocolate chiffon, I kept thinking hmmmmm, this seems like a messy cake, indeed it is messy, very messy with all the chocolate powder laying around. The cake is so light ang soft, that when I was training the cake to roll on a dish towel first I was so scared that I might break it. Thankfully, I didn't. :) This is my second time to make a 'roll', my first one was the Buche Noel, the I did for the Daring Bakers Challenge last December, basically I'm new at this roll making which I find quite challenging in terms of its quite messy, but definitely it's a lot of fun. What I particularly love about this is the fact that when I filled and re-rolled the roll, the dusting of chocolate powder acts as a decoration made the cake look simple but chic. It has a thick filling of mouse that taste just right, it nicely complemented the cake because the generous dusting of chocolate powder made it not too sweet just right. Can't wait to try this cake again:)

p.s. I finally got my camera fix and what do I find out? my photos are gone! Oh! Crap!
Monday, May 5, 2008

Dead Camera

I haven't been able to post in my blog for quite sometime now.

Reason??? My digital camera died...

OHH Crap! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO......................

After 2 weeks its still in the repair shop :(